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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Socks on my feet

Yea! the turkey time yarn socks are done and were on my feet (till last night, when I spilled a glass of wine on them, which is ok, because today it is 70' out (how odd is that for december) and I wanted to wash them anyway....
So, the final update on the socks...knit on LK 150 T 1.5, with merino sock weight yarn from painted tiger in the colorway "turkey time" the pattern is the standard toe with round heel from the book"Sock Options for Machine Knitters"
Next...I need some boot weight socks, so stash diving is in the plans for this evening...


Lea-Ann said...

send some up here . . . . ice, ice, ice -- yuck! I wish it would just get cold enough to stay snow and be done with it!

I *must* try the round heel. It looks like it fits beautifully! Thanks for posting -- I saw your blog post through my friends in ravelry -- isn't it grand!

ThePaintedTiger said...

We've got ice, too! Thanks for posting a pic of the socks you made from the yarn I dyed. I'm looking forward to scarf season to be over so I can try some socks from your sock book!

Cady May said...

hey lea-ann, the ice is because the artic caps are disappearing...hope it turns to snow for you soon, anyway!

Hey painted tiger! I didn't say how much I love this yarn, I do! thanks!