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Friday, July 5, 2013

5 min spin, wanna play this game?

I love to spin.
I am terrible busy and don't have as much time as I would like to spin.
I have guilt when I spin when I should be doing chores...
So, I got this "great" idea that the way to squeeze more spinning time into my day in this time where things are so hectic was to make it like a game.
Set the timer for 5 minutes, every day, no matter how busy, and see how that goes and how much gets done.
Well, like many of my "great" ideas, it had a few pitfalls to start. First, I am not a "game" person, when people ask if I want to play cards or whatever, I usually pass (I have searched, but can't find a competitive bone in my body)
Second, under the pressure of the timer, I had a hard time starting the leader, then it got tangled, then I dropped it, then the spindle base fell apart because this spindle is not glued yet, as I am toying with the idea of a larger base to fit on the floor extension. (so why was I using an unfinished prototype?    'cause it was purdy and I wanted to play with it, lol)
After several false starts,  I shoved it back together and commenced again (hear that timer, tic.tic.tic?) Now I get the roving all tangled (once again, from the pressure of the timer) and decide that I would be better off using the handee distaff, so I go get it and start again, and I realize there isn't going to be much on the cop when the dinger dings...

But by now I am laughing at myself, and laughter is good, and the timer rings and I say...well, that was a start, and there is always tomorrow! 


hcb2019 said...

I have been so busy with work and with recovering from foot surgery lately that I have not been spinning. I love your idea of spindling for 5 minutes a day, and I'm going to give it a try. Wish us both luck!

Hazel in Tallahassee, Florida

Cady May said...

Hi Hazel, good luck! and let me know how it goes : )

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